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Are you pregnant? Are you a dad awaiting the arrival of his baby? Are you trying to get pregnant? Are you an adoptive mom/dad waiting for your baby's arrival? Are you seeking support from those who are going through the same thing or have gone through it?

This community is for you!

We all know there are a lot of communities out there with a lot of "holier then thou" women. They make us afraid to post anything in fear that we are going to be brutally flamed to death with "YOU BAD PARENT, YOU!"

Here is a community where you can feel comfortable posting about anything pregnant related. Even if it's not pregnant related, it is tolerated here! We can all relate to those days where you just need to share with fellow preggo's about non-preggo topics.

If you have questions about breastfeeding, circumcising, cloth diapers, co-sleeping, vaccines, pain medication, etc... feel free to ask. We are not going to rip your head off and tell you that you are a bad parent and your child is DOOMED!

This community now has open membership. If any problems pop up, we will close membership again. Plese ladies... play nice!

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A few rules I will ask you all to follow for our own good:

1) Respect everyone

If you disagree with what someone posts/comments, please debate with them in a mature respectful way. If you can not do this, please refrain from replying to them from the get-go

2) No unwanted advice:

For example: A member writes: "My son has been spitting up his formula a lot lately and has been full of gas, can anyone give me advice on what to do for him?" A *BAD* reply would be "If you breastfed, you wouldn't have this problem."

If a member wants advice, give it to them on the topic they are asking about.

3) All pictures, community promo’s and extremely long posts please put behind a cut.

A cut would be put together like this = <*lj-cut*>
Just take out the *'s.

4) If there are any problems, contact the mods IMMEDIATELY!!!

Harassment and snarky attitude is not tolerated here. If you are having any problems, contact your mods (gentle_mommy and sugarcoatedme). To do so, please click here and write a detailed description of what you are complaining about. Your situation will be dealt with IMMEDIATELY!

This is a community for us preggo's to ENJOY being pregnant. Share our pregnant worries and concerns. So have fun being pregnant.. the next step is parenthood, and God only knows what is in store when that comes!

When joining this community, please give us all a small intro. Here's the intro forum:

1) Name:

2) Age:

3) Due date:

4) Thoughts on being a mother:

5) Fears of birth/motherhood:

6) Gender of baby (if known):

7) Possible names:

8) How did you find this community:

9) Other info on yourself:

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