It's so hot

Today has been so HOT! We had 100 in the shade, it was just terrible to hot to do anything, but sit in front of the AC. I tried to go outside but it just about killed me. But I did manage to water the flowers, get the mail and water the dog. Poor Mike working out in his garage this morning had sweat pouring off him and to make matters worse he had to go to work this afternoon like always and it’s way hotter there. They say tomorrow is supposed to be another killer day, high 110, god I hope not. But then Thursday it’s suppose to cool off in the high 70’s, I hope it does. Right tonight at 10:40pm we still have a temp. of 85, I like the cooler nights, better to sleep.

Anyways nothing new with the baby, last time I felt him move was Sunday night, I felt him move twice and that was it. I wish I could feel him move more often. My sister bought him 4, 3-6 months outfits and 20 brand new Disney books. Plus I got another little storage bin, 3 piece thing, to put little things in, like toy or books. My cousin, who has 2 boy, one was born December 8th and the other was born January 14 and she said I can have all their clothes because she is not having any more kids. So I should have a lot of nice clothes, they are fussy people. Hey I am happy with that, the more the better.

I had a craving for a sub tonight and since it was to hot to cook supper, I went downtown and got 2, one for me and one for Mike. Well I started eating ½ and it just didn’t hit the spot. I think the hot peppers where more fruity tasting then hot and I think that spoiled it for me. I love hot peppers. I think I may go eat a brownie though, they sound good. My hunny will be home in about 40 minutes, yeah I miss him. To mention him, his work wants to send him to California for 1 month, come home for 1 month, go back and etc. until April. I don’t think so, he is not leaving me nor does he want to leave me. He said he would go for 1 month if they would let me go. But I really don’t want to leave, for one California is a hot and 2 I’m pregnant and I get sick very easy. So hopefully that will except his no for an answer. In 2001 they sent him to Chicago for 1 week, and I missed him like crazy, the days and nights where very lonely. I have to have him with me all the time or I just miss him so much and I can not sleep with out him curled up to me in bed at night. He is my world. Well off I go, hope everyone has a wonderful night. And hopefully I will feel my son move tonight, with any luck.
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